Did 2020 Crush Your Music-Making Financial Goals? 
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The Making Money Making Music course
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This program allows you to make money doing what you love while introducing you to the various revenue streams which allow you to stay focused on music and at the same time weather any storm that comes our way, including a global pandemic, as we all experienced in 2020.
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February 10th 2021

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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
This Is The Highest Level Course, That Has Ever Been Created For Uncovering Revenue Streams 
In The Field Of Music. 
Here Are What Others Have To Say About Joe Costello...

Clayton T.

Joe Costello made it possible for me to successfully accomplish my dream of being a full time professional musician! Professional, courteous, knowledgeable and understanding. He's truly a gift to aspiring musicians and performers everywhere. ​

Dominick P.

Working with Joe and Onstage Entertainment Group has been great! 
They’re super organized and always know how to make the client happy!

Carole P.

Joe Costello is a pro. He understands musicians, he takes care of business, and I know when he calls me for a gig, it's going to be right. He also has a great talent for matching the music with the occasion and the venue. I'm thankful for all the positive experiences I've had working for him.

Jon M.

I’m always thrilled when Joe Costello calls me to play bass on a gig because I know I’ll be working with the best musicians in town at the very nicest venues in town.

Jeffrey H.

Joe was in the drum seat for a show I was MD for. He could read the drum kit charts, but also wanted to see the piano reduction to be aware of the whole ensemble. Awareness of the whole picture. Great musicianship lesson. Whether live or in the studio.

Mike M.

Through Onstage Entertainment, Joe helped me reach my goal of making music my full time career! I’ve worked along quite a few other artists he represents as well, even while Joe played the drums at one event himself. If you need top notch live talent just call Joe! Through Onstage Events, Joe helped me reach my goal of making music my full time career! Thanks Joe

Why Do You Need This Course? 
And Why Is Now The Greatest Time Ever To Join?

Learn All About The Available Revenue Streams...

As a musician, we spend countless hours dreaming of performing and often feel that is the most obvious way to earn a living. We gauge our success and self-worth on how much we're gigging but the truth is; the impact we as artists can make, goes much deeper than that. We're talking Legacy Deep! 
If you could financially sustain yourself as a musician, on stage and off, would you consider that a huge accomplishment?

Pandemic-Proof Your Music Career...

Learn how to take charge of your music career, increase your music-making, money-making opportunities and live the life you crave!
Don't let one revenue stream hold you hostage and then be dependent on what's happening in the world, for a steady income. None of us wants another world-wide pandemic to occur, but if it does, wouldn't you like to know the basic principles of successful working musicians, that you can use FOREVER?

Be Self-Reliant...

Having to depend on others to support you financially, is painful and self-defeating. Living paycheck to paycheck waiting on the "phone to ring", "text to ding" or "email to appear in your inbox" for your next gig, creates stress in the body and lends itself to an unhealthy way of life. Take control!
By being in control of all your earning opportunities, you take back your life!
If you can create abundance for you and your family, would that make you feel more secure? 

Do What You Love...MAKE MUSIC!

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” ― Confucius 
Doesn't that sound like an incredible way to live? If music is your one true passion, you need to embrace it and then chase it! This course will teach you about the many revenue streams in music, that will allow you to stop doing "jobs" you don't enjoy just to make ends meet. 
If you could comfortably feed yourself, while fueling your passion, would that set you up for a great year?